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Lateness, talking with mouth full, poor grammar, cell yell, interruptions, sloppy dress, inappropriate jokes, being ignored, unprofessionalism, unanswered phone calls, limp handshake, messy workspace, lack of common sense, poor customer service, no thank you card, spam, 12 items in the 9 item line, conflict in the workplace, pushing, double-parking, poor communication skills, rude gestures, voicemail minefield, emails written in all caps, lack of cultural awareness, gossip, bullying... 

If civility is an issue in your workplace, your home, or your community our experts would be happy to tailor a keynote presentation based on your needs and interest.

For the past 10 years, Lew Bayer who is nationally recognized as one of the leading experts on civility has been teaching,  speaking, and writing about civility…..civility at homecivility in the communitycivility at work, and civility around the world

The experts at In Good Company, offer a range of keynotes to suit your business and or personal needs.  Review our list of available keynote Topics or follow this Keynote Bookings link to get a quote.

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Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Nominated for RBC Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2009, 2010 AND 2012
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